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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Differentiating Naked

My friend, the Rev. George R. Pasley, writes poetry. With his permission I share this with you:

"Differentiating Naked"

In these days, these trying times,
These times which seem so filled
With rude and lewd behavior,
It will be helpful to know
A few basic definitions,
And the difference between:

Nude is a philosophical idea,
which a person may choose to realize.
Naked is a necessary phase of dressing and undressing.

Nekkid has passion and purpose.

Buck nekkid is embarrassing or shameful—
The moments of unintentionally seeing or being seen naked.

Now, in my defense,
I write these not to titillate, nor to incite,
But simply to make these points:

The distance between choosing and realizing
Is a journey, filled with lessons, detours,
Discovery, and sometimes disillusionment,
But also sometimes joy,

Naked is sometimes necessary,
Sometimes unavoidable,
But only becomes more (or less) than the way we really are
When we impose on it
Our fears and our fixations.

Much that is rude and lewd might be improved
By adding some passion and purpose;

There is much in this world that ought to shame us,
Whether we are dressed, or not.

George R. Pasley
October 12, 2010
Ketchikan, AK

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