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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stacey Blahnik, Another Sister Gone

As of 10/20, I have found no new information about Stacey Blahnik Lee's murder. 
But Monica at Transgriot posted this lovely tribute with photos. 

A few of us went on Saturday to the vigil, but when we arrived nobody was there. I'll be calling to figure out what happened. But we grabbed some wine and pizza and honored Stacey with fellowship and food.

Update on Friday, 10/15: A good article  Philadelphia Gay News

Updated links below

Yesterday I received word on Twitter that Stacey Blahnik was found dead in her home in Philadelphia. After the last month of young gay men committing suicide hitting the news, you would think that the news would have hit harder in our queer communities. But it didn't. Stacey was a trans woman of color. This article in the Philadelphia Daily News (Trigger warning for misgendering) broke my heart--not just her death, but also the way the author portrayed her.  I am linking to other blogs who have written eloquently about Stacey's life and the problems with the news coverage. Please take some time to read them.

And to the trans women and men in my life, you are deeply loved, beautiful, smart, funny, and I enjoy every bit of time we spend together. Love and peace and comfort and safety and joy be yours today. I am grateful to know you.

There is a candlelight vigil in Philadelphia on Saturday, October 16. Shoot me an email if you'd like company there.

Helen at Questioning Transphobia
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Rachel McCarthy James at Deeply Problematic
Vanessa at Feministing
Letters to the author of the original news article
     Drew at Notes From Off Center (Drew also posted the letter he received in return)   
     Sarah at Never Perfect. Always Real.
GLAAD's response
Philadelphia Daily News' Updated article w/improved language


  1. I am so glad you are out there for so many people. I hope your trans friends read this and that many others also see it and pass it on to those in pain and their friends and families. Keep Preaching and Loving!

  2. Thank you for posting this; it has been hard for me to deal with the erasure of the murder of trans women in this time when everyone is saying that they are talking about the problems that LGBTQ people face and mostly actually talking about the problems that well-to-do white gay cisgender men face, and your posts here are meaning a lot to me right now.


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