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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hittin' the Ground Running: Saturday's Version

So the last 3 tweets from @JinPCUSA have catapulted this non-morning person out of bed:
Tall steeple letter exposes embarrassingly fragile psychology of victimization. #pcusa

The great divide is not between Christians/Muslims, conservatives/liberals, or believers/atheists, but between...

...but between the mature & impetuous, the expansive & narcissistic, the humane & the tribal. 
Pretty sure he and I disagree on some things, but his words remind me I got things to get done that needed to be done yesterday, and that denominational politics won't do a thing to get me ready for my tiny church's discernment group meeting tomorrow. Or write my sermon. Or read these books. So then.

Saturday's inspiration for you is two videos. One, an interview of the Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer Oget, speaking on using our power wisely. The other a video on the power of vulnerability, a talk given by Dr. Brené Brown. These two videos, taken seriously, might change everything.


  1. A few excerpts from Brené Brown that grabbed me as I listened to it again: "These folks had simply the courage to be imperfect; they had the compassion to be kind to themselves first...and they had connection...They were willing to let go of who they thought they should be in order to be who they were which you have to do for connection...They fully embraced vulnerability. They believed that what made them vulnerable made them beautiful. They didn't talk about vulnerability being comfortable, nor did they really talk about it being excruciating..they just talked about it being necessary...

    I call it a breakdown, my therapist calls it a spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening sounds better, but I assure you it was a breakdown.

    You know how blame is described in the research? A way to discharge pain and discomfort...When we work from a place that says 'I'm enough', then we stop screaming and start listening."


  2. I'm a big Brene Brown fan. I recently signed up for an online class with her which is based on her most recent book, "The Gifts of Imperfection." I highly recommend the book. It's not long, and it's very readable, but it has connected a lot of dots for me.

    (For the record, I'm also a big Margaret Aymer Oget fan, so I basically loved your post before I ever even read it.)

  3. Loved both of these videos. They make so much sense. And I did laugh during Bernie Brown's video. So good to laugh at oneself and with others doing same. Thanks so much for posting.


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