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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Second Leafing

Swedish National Heritage Board
Sometimes, at the end of a very long day, I pour hydrogen peroxide over my hands and look to see where the bubbles form. At the end of such a day of children and dishes and cats and boxes and papers for the church and French for school, not to mention cooking and a trip to six flags to test all of our mental health, at the end of such a day, there are easily a dozen scratches, cuts, and scrapes on my right hand. I've barely felt the marks, it's been so busy. But here in this moment I can feel the damage done and see in the peroxide bubbles the toll these days take on my body. It is no wonder that I nearly snap in two sometimes at things that do not matter...

A pastor in my presbytery is retiring, and he left a part of his book collection at a nearby church with an invitation for others to take home books. To my delight I found several interesting nuggets in those boxes and gave them a new home in my library. One of those books is called A Faithing Oak: Meditations From the Mountain by Robert A. Raines. The first story of the book caught my attention tonight. He wrote of an infestation of the local oak trees by gypsy moths, which strip the trees of their leaves, leaving the branches unprotected. He wrote of his sorrow at the sight of a lone oak tree, and then...
One morning in that last week of June, there came a shout from a woman on the Lodge deck. She called us outside to look closely at the dried-up oak, and invited us to touch its leafless fingertips. Strange little nubbins...buds...urging forth towards a second leafing. The process of refoliation had already begun! Later in the summer we would see that oak fully leafed again. We beheld a faithing oak.
Beloveds, may we all find our way toward a second leafing. For sure as the sun rises tomorrow, there will be those who strip us of our protective coverings, leaving us to stand bare and vulnerable as the winds blow around us. And like the gypsy moths, most will not realize what they do is causing damage. Push hard against those forces though we might, we will not survive without a second leafing.

And thanks to the Rev. Dr. Philip M. Jones, whose book granted me the gift of peace this night.


  1. It's just like that pruning business again. (John 15:1-6).

  2. And thanks to Katie for sharing this. Granting me peace this morning. I've been looking for that peace all week.


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