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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The McFlurry

Somewhat frazzled, on vacation with my children, I stopped in at McDonald's to satisfy the boys' ice cream cravings. I thought I understood my youngest's instructions, so I began our order:

Me: We would like an ice cream in a cup. (I was deliberately avoiding the word "cone" because we didn't want one of those. But we didn't want a Sundae, so it felt like I needed to preface ice cream with "an".)

Poor Guy at Counter (PGC): You want an ice cream cone in a cup?

Me: No. Just ice cream in a cup.

PGC: Oh. You mean a sundae?

Me: Yes, but with nothing on it.

PGC: (nods) Would you like nuts?

--This question catches me off guard, as I'm sort of astonished we haven't reached an understanding yet.

Me: No. No nuts. Just ice cream in a cup.

PGC: oh, okay. A sundae with no toppings. Got it.

Youngest Son (YS): Mooooooommmm! I said I wanted m&m's!!!!

Me: You mean you want a McFlurry?

Youngest Son: YES!!

PGC: (rolls eyes ever so slightly) oh. a McFlurry. Got it.

I stood there feeling a bit foolish, until the next guy walked up to the register and said, "I'd like an ice cream in a cup." And the server said, "You mean an ice cream cone in a cup?"

Well, at least it's not just me.

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  1. We all think communication should be easy but it really takes perseverance and patience! At least you all stayed at the table till things got clearer!



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