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Monday, August 29, 2011

Subject: Anathema

Snorkel Chute Curbside Mailbox

I received this email this afternoon, and am passing it on to you, lovely readers, minus the gentleman's signature.

I pass it on to you, in part, so that many of you will know you are not alone. And I pass it on, in part, so that I will know I am not alone. These words are the reason I have considered leaving the PC (USA) several times, and they are one of the reasons I stay here, with my feet firmly planted in the ground. These words are the reason I am wary of all PC (USA) affiliation groups with conservative, evangelical, orthodox, or renewal bents.

These words caused me pain on a day when I could ill afford it.

I am closing this post to comments and simply allowing these words to hang in the air.

To the gentleman who wrote them: The peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, be with you. Now and always. Amen.

The subject line read "Anathema"
You are a disgrace to the faith.  You are an unrepentant sinner in the eyes of God and He does not forgive the unrepentant.  If you are a Presbyterian leave the denomination and take your lack of obedience somewhere else.   It is queers like you who have denigrated this denomination and have said:  "I will rather have half of a dead baby than none of a live and healthy one."

You personally are a disgrace.   And you and your ilk have caused me to be ashamed of my denomination.

With no respect for you,
Retired PC(USA)