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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

At Table in Spirit

Quick Update: The chocolate truffle tart was Divine. Delicious. To Die For.

I was feeling anxious today with not a lot to keep me busy. So I decided to make a chocolate tart thingy I've been meaning to make for a while: Pure Gold: Clementine Truffle Tart. I knew it would be complicated, because my friend says so, right on her blog. But this thing took me six hours. Which is good. Six hours, puttering about my kitchen, quadruple checking the directions, texting friends in between, thinking through a blog post I'll write later.

I had to boil the mandarin peels first, after juicing the mandarins (which I realized later was kind of silly--the point was to empty the mandarin peels, and I could have just eaten them). And when they were done boiling I spent more time than I will admit scraping off the white stuff from the peel. And then I candied the peels in sugar water for an hour.

Then the crust, which is divine. And the making of this crust introduced me to "digestive cookies", which took me a while to find in the store. I confess I went to the baby food aisle first, because I couldn't fathom that we would call adult food "digestive cookies." If you're looking for them, they are British, and you can find them in the specialty cookie spot. 

So the crust made and then the custard. 2 egg yolks, which meant that dinner was an egg white omelet with fresh squeezed mandarin juice. I'm not sure if I made the candied orange peel correctly; the pieces I sugared to go on top later look fine, but the sticky lump I tried to chop was odd. I shrugged and added it to the chocolate custard anyway. 

So now it is 10:00 in the evening, and despite my best efforts the kitchen is a mess. But the tart is in the fridge setting up, and it will be ready for dinner tomorrow night. And my spirit is at rest.

This tart was a labor of love--more so than I thought. And so the time my friend made it for me becomes more dear than it already was. Perhaps my dinner company tomorrow will understand that this tart was made with a great deal of affection for strangers I have yet to meet.

My friend's blog, Join in the Feast, is a magnificent collection of recipes, with particular attention to fair trade and organic ingredients. The tagline for her blog reads:
Here's to feasting: engaging all of our senses in the creating and enjoying of food and drink. Come to my kitchen, if virtually; to our table, if only in spirit. And know that an invitation and a chair are open to the embodied you, anytime...
What a joy it was to pull up a chair again at this table. Thank you.


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