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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Street Manners

Tonight, as I was jogging in a residential neighborhood, I met a black man in a hoodie.

As it turns out, tonight, while walking in a residential neighborhood, this man met a white woman in a hoodie.

Our eyes met. I don't remember who smiled first, but mine was the first nod.

"Good evening," I panted (since I was jogging).

"How are you?" he asked.

"Fine! And you?" I replied as I neared him.

"It's a beautiful night," he said.

"Mmmhmm" I answered as I passed him.

Street manners.


  1. This is so simple and so beautiful. Wish the media had more of this kind of writing. We might be a kinder society to each other. Thanks for sharing.
    Janet Bohren

  2. one of the best parts of going out for a jog, is who you're gonna meet along the way.... (I was in my hoodie today too).


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