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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For

The Bird to Bet On!
Cornell University Library
I've been too busy to write, and that's probably a good thing. I've been doing stuff I really love with people I think are fantastic, and there's more of all that stuff to come in the next month. I've missed youth ministry, and it's good to be back to it. Really good.

And anyway, what I would have written about the last few weeks would have been the chicken joint and heterosexist and cissexist oppressiveness and a certain boycott of said chicken joint and a Christians eat said chicken sandwiches day. And then about how some people were going to go to the chicken joint and ask for just water, like we sometimes did to our friends in high school who worked at fast food joints. And then I heard about some folks who were going to do a same gender kiss-in at that chicken joint, which is dangerous in some parts of this country, frankly. Folks at my undergrad did a kiss-in; people literally walked by and gagged. Might have been me that walked by and gagged--my level of self-understanding was at an all-time low in those college years.


I'm glad I haven't had time to write, because mostly what I have felt is massive irritation at the conversation. Writing when I'm irritated usually produces pointedly nasty posts that I delete for the good of the world. 

When I was in seminary, one of the students in our lgbtq group spoke on a panel about the role of queer allies. She said, "I really appreciate your enthusiasm, but sometimes I just wish you'd take it down a notch or two. Most of us are just living our lives and getting by, and you take things too far." I remember being irritated by that because I was not out to the world yet, but I was passionate about all things lgbtq. I didn't want to be told to take things down a notch, I wanted to knock down walls.

This last month I've watched so very many straight folk go off about the chicken joint. Then I watched a bunch of folks go off about how we shouldn't go off about the chicken joint. Then I watched folks go off about how we shouldn't tell people whether or not they can go off about chicken joints. Then some folks said it wasn't about chicken.

And it's not about chicken--if y'all had an ounce of taste you wouldn't eat that chicken anyway. It's about money getting spent to hurt people like me. I'm so massively irritated that it is even necessary to discuss this that I forget that I spent the last several years rallying for people to discuss homophobia and transphobia and sexuality and gender. One of my primary complaints over the last several years has been that nobody wants to really talk about this stuff.

Times, they are a-changing, and people are talking. They just aren't always saying what I want them to say. And sometimes they say stuff that I and other queer folk have been saying for a really long time, and it's like those words from a queer ally are prophet's words, and I want to do childish things like troll their blogs and link back to our posts where we SAID this stuff before.

So, um, it's probably just as well that I am really really busy, doing things I really really love. Because what I wished for is that people would talk about this stuff, and they are. For better or worse, queerness is getting centered in Christian conversation. So yeah, be careful what you wish for, like my dad always says.

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  1. And we did say this stuff before didn't we! Oh how I feel this post! Even better, that you are able to recognize and refrain... I'm still working on that one. (hugs and sisterly love)


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