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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Intimate Violence Collection of Posts (Updated 10/3/12)

In October 2011 I blogged regularly about intimate violence, and a couple of people asked me for an easy way to access them. So here is a list of the posts, links to sermons I have preached in the past, and a guest post I wrote recently for @goannatree. Thank you for reading and interacting with me on this difficult subject. (Updated 10/3/2012)


"Light" (10/2/11)

"Words In My Toe" (10/4/11)

"Four of Us" (10/4/11)

"Grandpa Jim" (10/6/11)

"Frog Husk" (10/8/11)

"Sabbath" (10/9/11)

"An Old Sponge" (10/11/11)

"Purity" (10/19/11)

"On Voyeurism" (2/5/12)

"Elbow Room" (Guest post for @goannatree, 12/9/11. several other posts by other authors can be found at this site as well.)

"Joyful Submission" (thoughts on the passing of 10-A, permitting the ordination of partnered, queer folk in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Published at Letters from Inside Out, a blog I occasionally contribute to. May 13, 2001)

Sermons from Tiny Church:

"The Gomer Sermon" (reposted 3/2/11)

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