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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Turkey Blessings

Photo by U.S. National Archive
I attended a Thanksgiving lunch today at Rider University, where I am the protestant chaplain. They asked me to give a "closing blessing", which I interpreted to mean a benediction of sorts. So I did, and here it is.

Friends, we are gathered today to give thanks for the gift of community and the opportunity to share a meal with one another. Here at Rider we enjoy plentiful meals, companionship, the chance to learn from one another, and a safe environment full of warmth, electricity, the internet, and people who care for us. 
As we leave here today and as we leave campus to return home, let us remember that there are many who do not have these luxuries. We exist at this moment in a particular place of privilege following the destructive storm in October which has left many people homeless and housing vulnerable along the East Coast and outside the U.S. in the Caribbean. 
Beyond that, we have gathered in this room a tremendously talented pool of students, faculty and staff. We have been given much, for which we give thanks. We have much to offer the world, may we do this also. 
May you go from this full meal of good food and feast of brilliant words, to go into the world to stand in solidarity with others. May your heart inspire your work, and may your work be of good use to our larger communities beyond this campus. May your spirits be lifted by the promise that we are not alone in this world. May you feel strongly the ties that bind us to one another. 

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