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Monday, March 18, 2013

On The Public N(Sh)aming of the Steubenville Victim

Just saw that the various media outlets allowed the Steubenville rape victim's name to be outed on their networks. Shame on them. Some words from Nawal El-Saadawi on the historical (and therefore current) oppression of women:

The tyranny exerted by men over women indicates that they had taken the measure of the female's innate strength, and needed heavy fortification to protect themselves against it...However, this is only one aspect of the situation, for truth is many-sided. On the other side lies the fact that this innate resilience and strength of the woman bred fear in the heart of primitive man. And it was this fear, or even terror, that lead him to oppress and subjugate her with all means at his disposal, be they economic, social, legal or moral. All these means had to be mobilized and synchronized to place at his disposal an overbearing and formidable armoury, used exlusively to conquer the indomitable vitality and strength that lay within women, ready to burst out at any moment. The building up of this armoury was a logical consequence of a specific situation.  For the potential force that lies within a being itself decides the counter-force required to hold him or her down and to suppress their capacity for resistance....
(The Hidden Face of Eve, 100)

A woman or girl who stands her ground and will not be broken poses a considerable challenge to patriarchy (go argue with someone else whether we still live in a patriarchal society). My hat is off to this young woman. And also to this woman, Alexandria Goddard, who took screen shots of tweets and other social media postings in the early days of this Steubenville mess. Her quick actions, social media presence, and her courage in standing HER ground meant Jane Doe was not alone. Thank you, sisters.

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