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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Please Don't

Please don't.
     Why not?
I don't like it.
     But I do.
I didn't give you permission.
     I didn't ask, actually.
My point, exactly.
     Wait, what?

Please don't.
     Don't what?
This is my space.
     I know, it's nice here.
Step back, please.
     You're so hostile.
I'm not.
     And argumentative too.

Please don't.
     What's wrong with you?
I asked you to stop.
     Did something happen when you were a child?
That's not the point.
     If you don't tell me, how do I know if your request is valid?
This is a further violation.
     *nod* I can see you are damaged.

Get your arm off my chair.
     What? I always do this.
Please don't touch my body.
     It must be sad to be so wounded.
I asked you to stop.
     Stop what? This is how I am.
Step. Back. Get. Off. Let. Me. Be.
     If you asked nicer/clearer/politer, I could hear you better.

I miss the desert.

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