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Friday, September 20, 2013

What Is That To You?

It has been a very full couple of weeks since I returned from all of my summer adventures. My to-do list is pages long. My programs, connections, relationships, and meetings are all back in full school year swing. I'll be running hard until mid-December, when blessedly the birth of our Savior coincides with school breaks and the Christmas Culture War. I will be conveniently lost in most people's shuffle.

In the meantime, I am up and down and all around, never sure if I'm coming or going, switching between age groups and cultural groups, changing clothes three times a day to accommodate worship, relay races, formal meetings, and pizza hangouts.

This kind of ministry, with this kind of rhythm, is sometimes like gorging oneself at a smorgasbord. Every emotion known to humans is on the table: joy, grief, foolishness, cynicism, satisfaction, rage, and more. Sometimes it's my emotions, sometimes it's you all's, but we are connected and I feel it.

I was talking about all this with a colleague today, saying, "If it wasn't for _______, I would be free." Fill in the blank with whatever you want. Free to do what, I'm not sure exactly. But his response set me back: "You are already free."

It could have been trite, but it wasn't. I forget this is my Truth. I forget that I am free in Christ. The trick is remembering to live as if this is true.

When Peter saw [the beloved disciple], he said to Jesus, ‘Lord, what about him?’ Jesus said to him, ‘If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? Follow me!’  ~John 21:21-22


  1. Hey Katie,
    Love it. Been going through a lot of grief lately at Monte Vista and trying to discover how to live in freedom it was it wasn't for "way too many deaths." Your post is part of my process now towards freedom. Really appreciate it.

  2. Blessings, Tom. Your words about sabbath long ago stubbornly lodged themselves and wouldn't let go. I say a prayer of thanks for you every Monday as I rest.

  3. Amen and amen, Katie. Thank you for the reminder of what's at the heart of all of this. I forget regularly.


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