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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Restoring the Broken Table

This weekend I've been at Church of All Nations for a conference co-hosted with a Mennonite Worker Community called "Christian Hospitality: Restoring the Broken Table". We've had a series of great speakers and workshops, and I've been tweeting quite a bit. Here are links to the notes I took in plenaries and workshops. The full conference schedule can be found at

A quick note that I attended the Sacred Sites tour, led by Pastor Jim Bear Jacobs, but I did not tweet it. I am still letting that afternoon and space settle in my thoughts.

Plenary: Mark Van Steenwyk, "The Revolutionary Table" 
              Book: The Unkingdom of God: 
                         Embracing the Subversive Power of Repentance
              Twitter: @markvans

              Book: Radical Gratitude
              Twitter: @romerohouseto

Workshop: Jim Bear Jacobs, "A Native Perspective on Hospitality"
              Twitter: @bearjacobs
              Website: Healing Minnesota Stories

Workshop: Richard Beck, "The Slavery of Death"

Plenary: Richard Beck, "The Will to Embrace: 
                                      Hospitality as Emotional Capacity"

Not tweeting the last plenary, a panel of our speakers. I do appreciate the acknowledgment/confession that with Mary Jo's departure this morning, this panel is all men. 

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