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(Quick update: only my mother thinks I'm funny now.)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Don't Bother Rescuing Me Yet

From Wikimedia
Every year without knowing it 
I have passed the day 
When the last fires will wave to me 
And the silence will set out 
Tireless traveller 
Like the beam of a lightless star 

~W.S. Merwin "For the Anniversary of My Death"

Sunday, May 5, 2013
Sermon by Katie Mulligan

Thanks for the invitation!

Scripture Readings: Psalm 67 and John 5:1-9

Is such a jerk, sometimes.
“Do you wish to be made well?”
What kind of question is that anyway?
Well, then, if you want to be well, take up your mat and walk.
No excuses.
No explanations.
No allowance for true need. No wait time for a second opinion.
No coddling. No sympathy.
Just get up and walk.
Is a jerk.

I am always astonished when I read this story. For thirty-eight years this man languished by the side of