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Friday, February 14, 2014

Eye Heart Ewe

Valentine's Day is such an ambivalent day for me. I love seeing all the sweet lovey posts, your plans for expressing love, the smiley pics of lovers.

So envious of those who know their place with one another.

Conscious of the fact that a lot of the display masks pain and conflict.

Longing for to be known deeply and loved passionately.

Totally uninterested in "forsaking all others" to get with somebody--do you realize how many people you are forsaking? The entire world. That's so many people! How I long for a companion who has fallen in love with the world as I have, to share in the wonder. What I wouldn't give for someone to embrace the world with me.

Also, I made kick-ass pasta. All it needed was capers, but we all gotta have flaws.


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