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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the days after Easter

the days after Easter are...
a fitful start
a mixed bag
empty in their own way
as was the tomb
which still perplexes me

the old passes away in its own time
and the new itches like crusted scabs
did you know easter is a season
that lasts as long as Lent?

I moved two years ago into this house
during Lent I finally hung most of my pictures
and got some curtains
but there are boxes of junk waiting to be sorted
piles that took up too much space
and got swept into a box
so that company might not see
how it is with me
perhaps Easter will see those boxes sorted
if not my heart
if not my soul
if my feet still ache
perhaps the boxes will sort themselves

in one of the boxes I found a card from the day I was ordained
a beloved friend who still walks with me
in different ways these days
in the fitful start of Easter
I needed these words again:

     Dearest Katie,
     Congratulations! I know God is saying 'Well done, good and faithful servant, well done."

     The liturgy of worship has four primary components, as does the liturgy of seminary. You gather, proclaim, respond, and bear the Word into the world. Over the past 3 years I have heard your confession and your cries calling the church to confession. I have listened to your radically faithful proclamation. I have seen you respond in faith; living a sacramental life. What a joy and privilege to now see you bear the Word into the world as you enter a new stage in ministry. I'm proud of you!

     ...Always remember the cross as central to our faith...may the four points of the cross remind you of worship, and may you always remember life's liturgy, the church's liturgical year, and our new life in Christ all begin with birth. I can't wait to see what God is birthing in you next!

and so you see, not everything old must pass away. In the re-birth of our lives we are haunted by the love of those who came before, carried along by those who would stand as midwives, and beckoned by visions of what is hoped for.

trumpets and lilies are window dressing on the the empty tomb. The reality of the empty womb in the moments after birth are blood and tears, broken blood vessels, torn skin, exhaustion and ragged breath. The old may pass away, but it often requires cleaning up--who will wipe the tears and the blood? Who will hold the baby to your breast when you are too weak and trembling? 

well, every birth is different anyway
your mileage may vary
may you find joy

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