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Monday, June 9, 2014

Prayer Vigil & Community Meal

Covenant Presbyterian Church
4 candles lit for Keith Day, William Massaquoi
Rayquan Brown, Amir Hassan Glover
Prayer Vigil & Community Meal
Monday, June 9, 2014

We gathered tonight to mourn the violent deaths of 15 men in Trenton since the beginning of January. In the last month there have been 4 murders, including a man who died this morning.

However our prayers and gathering in love over a meal may be useful, O God, use us.

We will gather again for prayer and a meal at Covenant Presbyterian Church on July 7 and August 4, at 6pm. Please bring something to share if you are able, and come anyway if you cannot. We will have plenty to eat.

To get involved, please contact us:
UMIO (United Mercer Interfaith Organization)

Chevin Burgess, 22, January 4
Keyaan Lee Young, 25, January 6
Keyon Shontel Wade, 39, Jauary 18
Julio Cesar Cruz, 18, February 15
Dwelle Jerome Clark, 55, February 18
Charles White, 43, March 8
Joseph Gaines, 44, April 3
Cagney Roberts, 19, April 9
Raheim Hayes, 34, April 9
Jahmir Hall, 24, April 19
Aaron Lewis, 23, April 24
Keith Day, 26, May 14
William Massaquoi, 25, May 28
Rayquan Brown, 16, June 1
Amir Hassan Glover, 24, June 9

There is so much more to tell in the stories of these men's lives. We lifted them in prayer tonight. We remember their names. We talked of hope and possibility for what can be done and who we can come to know. For tonight, that is what we can do. Tomorrow there will be more.


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