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Friday, June 6, 2014

Then What Good Are Ya?

photo by Artur Chalyj
A bunch of years ago, I worked as a chaplain for a locked mental health unit. I liked the work--every day was a new day with interesting conversations--conversations you really couldn't have anywhere else. In a locked mental health unit, people aren't afraid to be their true selves; they have no filter and nothing to lose, really.

It was there I met Jesus, John the Baptist, and the woman who would bear the next Christ child. Also a Muslim man who asked for rosaries so he could perform baptisms.

One day, a new woman arrived on the floor. Thinking it was my job to be hospitable, I introduced myself. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hi, I'm Chaplain Mulligan (they made us call ourselves that)
Lady: Huh.
Me: Would you like to talk with a chaplain (a required opening gambit)
Lady: Not really. I'd like a hair dryer. Can you get me a hair dryer?
Me: Oh. No, I can't get you a hair dryer. What brought you here? (more of the script)
Lady: I said I didn't want to talk to you. Can you get me a hair dryer or not?
Me: No, I can't.
Lady: Then what good are ya?
Me: Huh.

I mean, I really couldn't get her a hair dryer, no lie. 
And she really didn't want to talk to anyone unless they could get her a hair dryer.
So, really, what good was I?

My work lately is a lot like that.
I got something to offer.
But it isn't really what is needed.


She told me her story a few days later, the lady did. A hair dryer was probably about 22nd on the list of things she really needed. But I couldn't get her the 21 other things that she needed either

She was gone a day after that.
Probably back home where she had a hair dryer.
Although, I don't think home had the other 21 things.

But I was gone a week after that, having served my time.
I wonder sometimes if she remembers the chaplain who couldn't even get her a hair dryer.
She sure sticks out in my mind.

eh. still working tho.

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