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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

the long haul

so this is how it went tonight:

there was a student who said at 8am
i'm OUT
and i figured it'd be a month before she came around again
cuz i know her
and if we can get in the same room we can work it out
but it's getting in the room that's the trick

so i went on with my day rather sad
and it's messed with everything since 9am
cuz i'm in this for the long haul
but sometimes the short term losses suck

so at 8pm a pair of young adults
and i'm too old for texting
they asked to meet for a drink
and i'm too old for that too
on a school night

but if two young adults ask you for a drink
you go

so i dragged myself there
even though i need to finish season 4
of The Walking Dead
before Sunday

as we sat at the bar
me, still feeling low
the 8am i'm OUT student
walked by
for realz

and there we were in the same room

it ain't all worked out
but sorta
and anyway what i said
i'm in it for the long haul
and this is a small thing
so that made her smile
and probly i can sleep now

always up to something

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