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Monday, August 17, 2015

For a mother, who wasn't easy.

Scripture readings:
Psalm 23 and Romans 8:38-39

Perhaps this is for my grandmother. Or perhaps for your mother. Or maybe your friend. Or maybe your patient. We are sometimes mourned in complicated ways.

A  lot of people will say a lot of things around the death of our loved ones.  And there might be a lot of words in your own hearts and minds about the death of your mother, your grandmother, your friend. I’m here to tell you today that all of the words and emotions and sorrows and laughter are appropriate and right in this time of grief. In one moment you may miss your mother with the entirety of your being, another moment you might be SO angry, and in the next, you may be doubled over with laughter because of a memory or a story about her life with you.

Oh yes, this is a time of many, many emotions, and I’m here today to say that God is big enough for all of them. The God who created this woman from the very beginning, and the same God who even
now has welcomed her home, that God is big enough, generous enough, loving enough, to embrace you in and through this time.

We each of us here have some limited time on this earth to love and to care for one another. And it is my belief that in each and every step of the way, God is present with us, delighting in our joy, weeping in our tears, loving as we love. Today, here and now, God is present with us, loving us through this time as well.

Not even death can separate us from those we love, not even THIS complicated woman you love. She will live on in your memories and stories, in your care for one another, in the way you show up for the world. She has shaped you with her life and love, with all her strengths and flaws, and she leaves you now to shape others with yours.

As you go out from here, know that you take your mother/grandmother/friend with you into everything you do, and that as you move through this time of grief, God is with you, even in the hardest moments. Perhaps, God is with us ESPECIALLY in those hardest moments.

May you be blessed by the knowing of this woman.

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