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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Found On Road Dead

Was sorting through paperwork tonight and found something I wrote, without date, without context. Archeologically, the box belonged to a few years ago, and it's possible I was on a retreat. I have the vaguest recollection of writing, and I could guess at a couple of different groups I was retreating with.  I am fairly certain this was related to being closeted. I didn't come out as queer until 2010.

But I suppose what's most useful is this:

1. The church can be toxic sometimes.
2. Writing can be therapeutic sometimes.
3. Life really has been much more peaceful out of the closet. For me.

Well, here's the writing...

How I am feeling
     after that forced and unequal
     I do believe some
          of you all are liars.
And some
     of you all don't know
          what the one hand does
               behind the other.
And that your silent scream
     of judgment
          is in itself a perpetration
               a penetration
               a projection
Tent to your own madness.
Stay in your lane.
Get  off my lawn.

How about tea?

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