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Friday, March 25, 2016

It Is Finished...Oh REALLY???

It is finished.
Oh yes, O Lord?
It is finished.
I see.
What, exactly, is finished?
Your 33 years, I suppose.
This little ministry of yours
I suppose.
Your mother, perhaps, might be finished
   to watch this son from her womb
   to die like that
   To watch your child die at all.
It. Is. Finished.
   You say.
Oh yes?
   How quaint.
   How SWAY.
33 years and then you run off
   and get yourself killed
   and what are we supposed to do now?
   go on with things I guess.
You're the one who said don't look back
   don't bury the dead
   You didn't mind that perfumed foot rub, tho, eh?
It is finished.
Except it's not.
2,000 years later and you still
   ain't back like you said you would.
I'll be just a minute, you said
   and 2,000 years later
   I'm still out front the corner store
2,000 years later we still riffing of your death
   Like it was yesterday
2,000 years later and the state still killing
   Black and brown bodies
2,000 years later we still killing ourselves
It is finished
   aint NOTHING finished
   you left loose ends, Lord
   and it's a mess
It is finished
Like my sons:
   Your homework dune?
   Yeah, ma, it is finished.
   Ya room clean?
   Yah, mom, it is finished.
I hope you got some rest, Lord
   cuz I saved some work for you

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