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Monday, August 22, 2016


a slice of cheesecake tonight
more of a wedge, really, than a slice
and the waitress' name is Darlin
which she is
my mother made cheesecake
and I know how
but i don't because one cheesecake
is several wedges
which is a lot of slices
it was my mother's cheesecake that caught my father
or actually her mother's
with the graham cracker pecan crust

my mother learned to make it and taught me
although I think my husband stayed for other reasons
my father makes a mean omelet
but it was his ridiculously blue eyes that caught my mother
and caused her to bring a tray
one fine afternoon
to the men's floor of the boarding house
and pretty much say:
"Coffee, tea or me?"
my mother still bats her eyes when she tells that story

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