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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Incomplete Thoughts On the Goose

I haven't been blogging much lately for reasons too many to mention. This post was prompted by a colleague's post about the Wild Goose Festival, which you can find here: "When We (White, CISgender people) Plan Things". Since I was tagged in Deb's facebook post as somewhat responsible, and since I have attended the Goose every year since 2012 (and served as a volunteer festival chaplain since 2013), I'm responding publicly to offer some context and nuance to a conversation on queerness that has been part of the Goose since it's inception in 2011. Let me be clear that I am NOT staff, I am NOT privy to internal organizational conversations, and these are my own thoughts gleaned from participation and correspondence from the Goose over the years.

I expect some pushback from several directions on this post. I welcome it. I feel awkward writing it.

Another disclaimer: As a volunteer, my festival fees have been waived since 2013. This is common practice for festivals trying to stay afloat, but for those of you looking for evidence of bias or payoff, there it is.

I've written several times on my experiences as a queer woman at the Goose. Here are links to the posts if you want them:

I don't remember why I didn't write about the Goose in 2014, but I know last year I just didn't feel any need to. The Goose is a place where I have been welcomed and where I have witnessed an incredible array of other humans welcomed. I have my criticisms of the festival, because, well, it's a festival and rather imperfect. But I have participated in 5 straight years of Gooses, and I rarely do anything for 5 years straight.

Deb's post focused on a letter sent by the Goose President, Jeff Clark. I don't know this guy, had to go look up his name. We've got 46 mutual friends, so I'll probably meet him sooner or later. The main points of the post are below (in blue) with some response from me (in red). Not in any order of importance. YMMV with this festival, but if you find yourself there, look me up. You'll find me at the Desanka Spirit Café, which is run by the evangelical foot washers who will also offer you a free meal or six, no strings attached.