Important Disclaimer

Since I currently have several employers/supervisors/churches/etc., please know that none of the words on my blog represent them or their beliefs. This blog is my own creation.

It also does not represent my children's perspective, nor my mother's; they think I am funny, but misguided.
(Quick update: only my mother thinks I'm funny now.)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

half a year later been busy

sometimes i sit on my porch
and rock
(tho not as much anymore)
and think about what
could have been but isn't
was but isn't
might be but isn't
and the utter absurdity of what is
but isn't
a nostalgia for melancholy
(i once loved a man who indulged)
the futility of words
which are never new
because there are no new words
just over and again thrift store thoughts
and it's the rocking that tells me
i'm old
which i blame some of you
for getting me to
sooner than later