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It also does not represent my children's perspective, nor my mother's; they think I am funny, but misguided.
(Quick update: only my mother thinks I'm funny now.)

Lenten Thoughts 2014

My observance of Lent this year took the form of blogging daily about grief and sorrow, mostly utilizing a daily lectionary provided by the Presbyterian Mission Agency. It's been quite a difficult season, and although the sources of my grief remain, I am looking forward to the spring and these weeks of Easter leading us to Pentecost.

If you are here finding company in these mostly sad posts, welcome. Know you are not alone.

A few of the posts caught more attention:
Apology Accepted, 20 Years Belated
Awkward and Clumsy and Stupid and Old
The Time I Almost Got a Sister-Wife
Probably Heresy
At Least We Wore Pants

And a were barely read at all:
I Hate Figs Anyway
Mara on the Half Shell

You can just dive into the posts going backwards by clicking here.
Or, here they are in order, from Ash Wednesday through Easter.

3/5     Seek the Lord and Live
3/6     I Hate Figs Anyway
3/7     Ruined Dreams
3/8     Apology Accepted, 20 Years Belated
3/9     Give It a Rest
3/10   Let Me Breathe
3/11   Awkward and Clumsy and Stupid and Old
3/12   Mara on the Half Shell
3/14   What Dreams May Come
3/15   There and Back Again
3/17   The Days Are For Joy
3/18   Fresh Hairballs
3/19   Sideways
3/20   Second Sleep
3/21   The Time I Almost Got a Sister Wife
3/22   Psalm 43
3/23   Better Is One Day
3/24   Barbooking
3/25   Where Are You Going?
3/26   Spinning
3/27   I Would Be Your Beloved
3/27   Untitled Ramblings
3/28   Ghosts on the River
3/29   About Wednesday
3/30   I Will Yet Live
3/31   At Sea
4/1     Tangled Feet
4/2     Say Something
4/3     Chasing Ghosts
4/4     I Lie In Wait
4/5     Probably Heresy
4/6     Stick With the Psalms
4/7     At Least We Wore Pants
4/7     Chunky Milk
4/9     Evil Will Not Sojourn With You
4/11   The Love of Ghosts
4/12   Is There No Other Way?
4/13   I Might Owe the Lord $32.10
4/14   Boy Kings and Temper Tantrums
4/15   Hook, Line and Sinker
4/16   Short and Sweet
4/17   Take Me With You
4/18   I Locked the Door Behind Me
4/19   Trusting Joy
4/20   Cristo Vive


  1. So the link to "The Time I Almost Got a Sister-Wife" appears to be broken or the article hidden. People are curious...


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